Waldesian Church of Italy

Valdese's Church

Sos Infanzia nel Mondo, also thanks to the generous contribution of the VALDESE CHURCH, builds and supports the shelters for children in India. These children shelters are in the poorest neighborhoods of Jaipur and Mumbai. they live in conditions of extreme poverty.
Thanks to the contribution of Otto per Mille funds from the Waldensian Church, Sos Infanzia nel Mondo manages to make the shelters working at  their full capacity. Food, hygiene, nutrition, health and study for children of the lower castes.
Sos Infanzia has been dealing with children for 23 years. 250 are these children have been brought to Italy for life-saving treatments, highly specialized medical treatments, organ transplants and limb prostheses. Their fault is just to have encountered mines - in war zones - in their short life span.
Children helped from countries where there was our Army, which Sos Infanzia nel Mondo has supported as a partner in C.I.M.I.C. (CIvil Military Cooperation). 

Today, among its active projects, Sos Infanzia nel Mondo has created a system of shelters in which there is a specialized staff who take care of all aspects of the health and growth of children. Everything that goes from the care of children's hygiene to school teaching. A complex all-encompassing support.

In Sos Infanzia nel Mondo we are very proud of what we have achieved together with the Waldensian Church which in turn intended to reward the goodness, usefulness, concreteness and congruity of our project with its support.