Shelters for children in Jaipur  and Mumbai 
@ Incredible India


Ms. Citra Bhim

International Liaison 

Dr. Riccardo Bianchi

All the lovely children

Our "why" we are here !

In an ideal world, every child has parents and love to grown up with. In the real world, often, this doesn't happen. What normal people should do, is to help a little to give something to these children, even if it is just a single warm hug.  Don't remain indifferent to children in needs. 

 We think that they deserve more. We are sure that children deserve a future, a guide, love and cares. If you think you have love in yourself, they are awaiting you in our house. Drop us a message here and you will be called back from us. 

Sos Infanzia nel Mondo - India Trust is supported by Sos Infanzia nel Mondo - Italy
If you want to help us with our indian brothers, sisters and children, please do it at the following Bank account

European code (IBAN)  
IT23Y 08327 03200 00000 0041258 

Name of the Bank :  Banca Credito Cooperativo  

Agency number 9 in Rome,  Italy


or Donate via Paypal

Location of our Shelter/House

Call +918779506802